Saturday, 24 November 2018

How to deal with uncomfortable situations

We’ve all been in an awkward/uncomfortable moment or situation. From forgetting someone’s name, seeing someone who you would rather not talk to, moments of awkward silence or even confronting someone. Let’s face it sometimes we can’t avoid them or get out of the situation, so the only thing we can do is handle them. This post will tell you some ways you can deal with an awkward/uncomfortable situation. 


Smiles have a very powerful impact on others and yourself. If you smile you can trick yourself into believing you're happy too. If you ever come into an awkward or uncomfortable situation then fake a smile. That way, you aren’t hurting someone, and you aren’t making the situation more uncomfortable. 


If you’re ever experiencing an awkward moment of silence then try to make a conversation with the other person. It takes the pressure off the situation. Instead of standing/sitting where you don’t know anyone, start a conversation with someone. It’s most likely that you will find something in common and end up talking about it. The perfect way to start a conversation is by introducing yourself “Hi I’m ___. What’s your name?” Once they have introduced themselves, say “It’s nice to meet you”, then, don’t let it fall into an awkward silence! Instead, start a conversation. If you’re bad at remembering names, say “I’m bad at remembering names" and add a bit of humour to the situation. Ask if they live locally, what are their hobbies, what are they passionate about etc. Just try to assess the situation you’re in and ask questions based on that. Don’t be afraid to smile, listen and maintain eye contact. 


There are soo many uncomfortable situations you can be in. The best thing to do when you’re anxious, stressed out or tense about a situation is trying to relax. Concentrate on your breathing, or even count in your head if it helps. When you’re feeling relaxed, you’ll get rid of all the anxious feelings. Don’t be afraid to smile, even when it becomes hard. 


Whatever you do, try not to cross your arms. I know it’s a very comfortable position, but do not cross your arms. It puts people away from coming to talk to you and gives an impression that you’re unapproachable. Also, keep looking around. Don’t keep your eyes down. By looking around when you feel anxious you're diverting your mind on other things.


If you’re going to an event then the best thing you can do to ease your stress/anxiety is to show up early. Not only are you giving yourself an opportunity to meet people as they come in. But, if you show up late, you’ll be more anxious because of the number of people already there. Most likely they will already be in their own groups. 


So, if you really can’t get out of that horrible awkwardly uncomfortable silence, then the best thing to do is to take it in and enjoy it. The other best thing you can do, in any situation is to enjoy the moment and be positive. Don’t think about yourself being in an awkward position, instead, try to think about all of the positives. Focusing on the positives will help you improve your mood. If you keep focusing on the awkward experience, then you’ll end up feeling more uncomfortable and anxious. 


If you’re a humorous person, then don’t hold back. Everyone loves a good old laugh, it enlightens the mood of everyone. Even if you aren’t humorous, still laugh with others. Laughing is just as infectious as yawning. It will definitely improve your mood. 


Do not ramble on or excessively talk. We’ve all done it, when we’re in an awkward situation we waffle on. STOP. DON’T DO IT. People may find it hard to understand what you’re trying to say, or it’ll make you feel more uncomfortable. If you notice yourself doing it, stop! Take a step back, breathe, take it easy, think before you speak and slow down when you engage in a conversation with others. 


Try to think positive about others. If you don’t know someone, and someone was rude to you or made you feel extremely awkward, just think from their point of view. You may not know what they are going through, they could have had the worst day ever, so don’t think bad about them. Make the most out of the situation and think positive. 


Stand up tall, hold your head up high and be confident! Self-confidence will convince anyone that you are not feeling anxious/awkward. Try to build up your self-esteem, that will improve your confidence. Focus on your positives, and don’t buy the negativity that comes within yourself. Know what your worth is and how great you are. Know that no one is perfect, but you can be yourself! Get all of the negative thoughts about yourself, out of your head. Don’t over-analyse the situation. 


Something which always helps me is known that in X Hours or X minutes, I’m going to be leaving and that situation will be over. I’m unsure why, but this always helps and makes me feel better. 

These are just some ways you could deal with an awkward or uncomfortable situation. How do you deal with awkward situations? 

Thanks for reading! 
Until next time, take care and keep smiling. 
Ramshaa Rose 

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