Thursday, 31 January 2019

14 eye-opening quotes about life

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Show gratitude | list

A list of different ways you can show gratitude

Expressing gratitude is very important. Not only does it make us feel great, but, it allows us to become closer to others. Practicing gratitude is also great for our health overall and I thought this post would fit perfectly with the start of 2019.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

How to go outside of your comfort zone

How to go outside of your comfort zone

A place where we all grow and learn is outside of our comfort zone. It can be very daunting stepping outside of our comfort zone, but the end results are truly worth it. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t do something the first time around, it’s normal to be scared. But, one day you’ll start going outside of your comfort zone more.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Best choices I have made in my life so far | list

best choices I have made in my life so far | Ramshaa Rose

Ever heard the quote 'do something today that your future self will thank you for'? Well, this post is practically dedicated to that quote. Each experience in life changes you and makes you who you are. But, there are some choices we make in life which end up becoming the best choices we make. Since it's the beginning of a new year, in this post, I would like to share some of the best choices I have made in my life so far. 

Saturday, 5 January 2019

How to find yourself

Learn how to find yourself

Often, we can feel lost and find ourselves not knowing who we are or what our purpose is. The truth is we all have a purpose in life, whether we realise it or not. We start to put limitations on our abilities, achievements and the things we can do. We need to realise that every single day we change and grow. To truly feel free, you need to find out who you are, what things you enjoy and what makes you the happiest.