Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Best choices I have made in my life so far | list

best choices I have made in my life so far | Ramshaa Rose

Ever heard the quote 'do something today that your future self will thank you for'? Well, this post is practically dedicated to that quote. Each experience in life changes you and makes you who you are. But, there are some choices we make in life which end up becoming the best choices we make. Since it's the beginning of a new year, in this post, I would like to share some of the best choices I have made in my life so far. 
Believing in myself  
Standing up for myself  
Speaking up for what I believe in  
Learning and educating myself on different topics
Always wanting to learn  
Never giving up  
Staying positive  
Learning to be more mindful of my present  
Living in the moment  
Capturing different memories  
Making more memories to look back on  
Making my loved ones happy  
Going outside of my comfort zone  
Doing the things I love  
Bringing happiness to other people  
Stopped caring about what others think
Ignoring judgements that others make
Realising my worth  
Being proud of the person who I am
Being loyal to my family and friends 
Believing that everything happens for a reason
What are some of the best choices you have made in your life so far? I would love to know your achievements so leave a comment below. 

Thanks for reading! 
Until next time, take care and keep smiling. 
Ramshaa Rose 

Thanks to Muneeb Syed for the beautiful visual representation.

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