Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Show gratitude | list

A list of different ways you can show gratitude

Expressing gratitude is very important. Not only does it make us feel great, but, it allows us to become closer to others. Practicing gratitude is also great for our health overall and I thought this post would fit perfectly with the start of 2019.
Write a gratitude journal  
Appreciate the little things  
Show kindness to all but never be taken advantage of  
Practice mindfulness  
Give genuine compliments  
Volunteer for a good cause  
Give back to others  
Encourage others  
Get rid of any negative vibes
Always wish well for others
Try to do as many kindness acts as possible
Have time for yourself
Surprise someone with a 'thank you' card and/or gift
Never stop learning
Embrace new cultures
Embrace the nature around you
Spend less time on technology 
Contact someone who you haven't in a while
Keep in touch with your loved ones 
Spend more time with loved ones  
Be more generous  
Surround yourself with uplifting individuals 
There are SO many more ways that you can express gratitude. How do you show gratitude?

Thanks for reading! 
Until next time, take care and keep smiling. 
Ramshaa Rose 

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