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How to become a blogger

How to become a blogger

If you’re passionate about writing and letting your thoughts out, then anyone can become a blogger! To carry on blogging and not give up is the hard part. Most people stop blogging after three months of starting. If you’ve ever wanted to start blogging and never knew how to then, this post is for you! I also have many blog posts relating to social media and blogging from my Social Media on Sunday series.


Figure out what you want to blog about. Write about the things that interest you and you have a passion for. Don’t limit yourself to one topic, because that could change in the future. So, think about the long run too. 


The most important thing is the name of your blog and social media. Think about the long run and don’t overcomplicate things. Sometimes a simple name is more catching. Most people (including myself) have changed names multiple times. The name doesn’t fit, you outgrow it, or it doesn’t represent you. Sometimes, the best thing is your name. So, think about your name carefully. 


There are so many platforms to choose from. Once you have chosen what platform you want your blog to be on, then the fun begins. You should read the post on starting a blog which includes a checklist.


Writing a blog can be daunting but once you get into a rhythm it’s a fun process. The ultimate guide on writing a blog post which includes a checklist, tips and schedule, goes through the whole process from writing, pictures and a checklist of before, during and after. 


Seek advice before you start blogging and after too. Look into other blogs, read around the topic of blogging and don’t be afraid. 


It’s really important for you to maintain your blog. Don’t give up on it, and make sure to do these twenty things for your blog each month


The most important thing is communicating with the blogging community and building up your own. Don’t be afraid to be kind to others, and comment on other blogs. By interacting with others you’ll build up your own presence in the community. 

Don’t be afraid to start a blog if you want to. It really helps with your confidence. 

Thanks for reading! 
Until next time, take care and keep smiling. 
Ramshaa Rose 

Thanks to Jason Leung for the beautiful visual representation.

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