Tuesday, 30 April 2019

List of qualities I admire the most

Qualities and traits I admire most in people

This is a pretty important post to me. I try to practice what I preach and this post is no different. There are many, and trust me when I say, many qualities which I respect. I try to surround myself with people of these qualities because I just 'click' with them.
This could easily be a longer post explaining each point in depth from my point of view, but right now, I think a list is more appropriate. If you would like to see a longer one in depth then let me know. But, without writing further, the qualities I admire most in people are-
Staying grounded and humble [about everything… including talents/skills someone has and achievements achieved].  
Good manners.  
Confidence [but not over-confident].  
Being mindful.  
Living in the present.  
Willingness to learn.  
Willingness to improve oneself.  
Emotional expression. 
Admiration for others.  
Respecting all individuals.  
Respecting opinions and thoughts which differ from yours.
Giving credit where its due.   
Thinking from different perspectives.  
Trying to think the best of others and the situation.
Being empathic. 
I love knowing the opinion of others especially on this topic. So, please leave a comment letting me know what are some of the qualities you admire most?

Thanks for reading! 
Until next time, take care and keep smiling. 
Ramshaa Rose 

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