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How to stop procrastinating

How to stop procrastinating

We all do it. It doesn’t matter how much you have disciplined your mind. There will be times where we delay certain things or procrastinate. But, there are some things we can do so we can procrastinate less. 


First of all, it starts with your mindset. If you’re happy with procrastinating and delaying things, then you’ll never change. First, you need to change your mindset and the way you see it. you don’t need the motivation to do something.


Don’t tell your mind ‘I’ll do it later’, change the thought by acting and doing it now. The biggest way to stop procrastinating is by acting to do the activity you're putting off. 


If you’re doing a long task, then reward yourself. Have a break and get back to your task. If you find it hard to concentrate, and you’ve managed to do the task, give yourself a reward. 


Write to-do lists and discipline yourself to complete tasks. Don’t make huge tasks for one day, instead, try spreading it out. Know your limits and what you can achieve in a day. Don’t have high expectations that you know will be hard to achieve. When you start crossing/ticking things off the list, the sense of fulfilment will be great. 


Don’t aim to do everything at once! Don’t think about all of the tasks you have to do, that will just put you off. Instead, prioritise. What do you have to do first? Which one is the most important to get done? 


Don’t go on YouTube and start playing loads of different videos until you get on a website and you think ‘how on earth did I get up here’ or ‘what am I doing with my life’ or ‘what am I watching’. Instead, if you know your phone is a distraction leave it in another room. If you know YouTube is a distraction, block it until you finish your work. Get rid of your distractions and technology which is stopping you from reaching your goals. 


Feeling motivated to accomplish something gives you a sense of purpose. A spark inside of you ignites so you can do something. Often, we lose that sense of purpose or spark. When motivation leaves us, discipline comes in handy. It’s great to listen to motivational speeches so we’re able to feel motivated to research our goals. 


If you find yourself procrastinating, read around the topic of ‘procrastinating’. Not only will it open your eyes but you’ll learn things which could help you overcome procrastination. 


Everyone has a different way to tackle procrastination. You know if you’re getting distracted, or if you’re not interested in the activity, or you just don’t want to do it. First, identify why you aren’t getting on with the task. Then, find ways you can work on that. If you know you get distracted, how can you remove distractions? If you procrastinate because there’s so much to do, how can you tackle one thing at a time? Just think about it and find your own answer. If a friend was in your situation, what would your advice be? 


Do a task for a certain amount of time, then rest for 10-15 minutes then repeat. Sometimes, we over-work ourselves. Instead, don’t be afraid of having a routine which will work for you. 


If you like to work in a certain workspace or area, then create that space so you can become more productive. You’re going to be more productive in an area which you like and are happy working in. 


Lastly, stop being lazy. We all become lazy now and then. Sometimes, our bodies need a rest too (which is fine). But, don't become lazy. Don’t procrastinate because you’re not willing to use your effort. Get up and get that thing done! 

What are your thoughts about procrastination? How do you stop procrastinating? 
Thanks for reading! 
Until next time, take care and keep smiling. 
Ramshaa Rose 

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