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How to learn from your own mistakes

How to learn from your own mistakes

We all make mistakes, it’s normal. If we didn’t make mistakes, then we wouldn’t be human. No one is perfect and we all have flaws. In this post, I want to share how you can learn from your own mistakes. 


The first way to learn from your own mistakes is by recognising what your mistake was. If you don’t recognise your mistake, then you won’t know that you’ve made one. We should always strive to improve our selves and one of the ways is to be open to criticism. Allow other people around you to speak to you openly about your behaviour. 


Once you’ve recognised your mistake, adapt and adjust it. I won’t say to change yourself, but I will say adjust to it. If needed, don’t be afraid to change something in your life. Welcome any change in your life. Apply what you have learned and change your behaviour according to the situation. 


It’s an easy one but sometimes hard to do. Own up to the mistakes you make and accept the responsibility. You’ll feel better once you accept the responsibility for your own mistakes. That’s also, how you can move on and create a better future for yourself. 


Know the things you need to do to improve yourself. We all keep on learning and changing each day. Know your room for improvement. You don’t need someone to tell you. You should know and want to change for the better so you can grow. 


Understand why it happened, what happened, the different factors involved, what was your mistake and pinpoint it. The truth is, you will know what went wrong and your own mistake. We’re all afraid to admit it sometimes, so try to understand. After you’ve made a mistake DON’T DWELL on it. Just move on! Don’t regret why it happened or how... just get on with it. It happened for a better cause, so remember, everything happens for a reason. 


Know that two situations can never be the same. But, practise similar and different situations, and how you would handle it. Try practising different scenarios. This will prepare you for future situations that could happen. Even if they don’t happen, at least you’ll learn. Know that some situations are unavoidable and we all have moments where we look back and say “how on earth did that happen”. End of the day, you grow from each experience so don’t worry about it. 

How do you learn from your own mistakes? 
Thanks for reading! 
Until next time, take care and keep smiling. 
Ramshaa Rose 

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