Tuesday, 14 January 2020

List of reasons why you should set goals

List of reasons why you should set goals

Goals are great. Whether you’re setting daily goals, monthly goals, personal goals, or even goals to reach for five years, it’s great to measure your progress. There are many reasons why goal setting is helpful and beneficial. In today's post, I will list some of the reasons why you should set goals.

1. Measure your progress 

2. To be able to reflect how far you have come 

3. Learn from your mistakes 

4. You avoid becoming lazy 

5. You procrastinate less

6. New start 

7. Embark on a new experience 

8. Set yourself a new challenge 

9. You’re able to focus on your aim 

10. Have something to look forward to 

11. You are motivated 

12. Overcome challenges 

13. Commitment to your goals 

14. You have a purpose 

15. The feeling of completion 

16. Help you improve yourself 

17. Recognise your potential 

18. You have more clarity 

19. Growth 

20. Feel good achieving your goals 

Do you set goals? Does goal-setting help you? How does setting goals and achieving them make you feel? Do you have any goals right now? If so, what are your goals? 

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Until next time, take care, and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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