Tuesday, 24 March 2020

List of ways to revise

List of ways to revise

There are so many different ways in which you can revise. There are so many different methods and every person revises in different ways. Everyone has their own unique learning style. Finding the best method which works for you can take some time to find. Today I have a list of some of the ways you can revise. 

1. Understand your learning style

2. Flashcard or revision cards

3. A4 poster 

4. A4 notes 

5. Images and diagrams 

6. Reading from revision guides and understanding the content 

7. Post-it notes in different places resembling the content you need to revise 

8. Listen to audio recordings

9. Recording yourself and listening back to it 

10. Audiobooks 

11. Practice tests or practice papers 

12. Asking a family member or friend to test you 

13. Memorise the content 

14. Test yourself by writing down what you memorised in time limit conditions 

15. Practice in exam conditions 

16. Writing notes

17. Watching and listening to videos

18. Watch Youtube videos on the topic

19. Further reading around the topic.

20. Reading journal articles

21. Mind maps

These are some of the ways you can revise. How do you revise? What way works the best for you? 

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Ramshaa Rose

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