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Reasons why you should not waste first year of university

Reasons why you should not waste first year of university

Today, I’m posting about why you should not waste your first year of university. If not in all then in most universities, the first year of university does not go towards your final classification. This gives the impression that the first year isn’t important or you can take it lightly. Transition to university can be extremely difficult, for example making friends, moving away from home, or being more independent. Most people have the view of first-year as just having fun and enjoying yourself, but there are reasons why you shouldn’t waste your first year. 

Realise what you need to work on

Try really hard in your assessments, in this way you’ll learn what to improve on. Also, when you go into the second year you will know what to avoid. 

Work experience 

The first year can be a great foundation for building your experience. After completing university, the experience gained will really help you to get work (in many different fields). Even if you don’t have a clear plan of what to do, work experience can be a great way to explore your options. 


First-year can also be a great way to get involved in more things outside of the lecture theatre and your course. In the final year of university, you won’t have a lot of time to get involved with extra-curricular activities, but, in the first year of university, you have time to get out there and do more activities.

Set the tone for the second year

The way you go into the second year is important. You have the first year to experiment and get things right. First-year is the perfect time to practice researching, extra-reading, correctly referencing, and so much more. 


To help you in the second and third year. Starting to read (even a little bit each day) will help you through university. Reading will make your university journey much easier. 


Get in the habit of writing your assignments or find the best studying method for you. Use the first year as a base to find out which revision technique works for you. What is the best way you revise? What is the best way you write an assignment? Get into the habit of planning and organising yourself and your studies. It will help you for the second year where results count towards your final grade. 

Trial and error 

This will be the only time where you can make mistakes and figure out what works for you and how to do assessments. So, don't be afraid of making errors.


Use the first year to reflect on your assessments. Find out what your strengths and weaknesses are, how you can improve and do better for next time. Reflecting is important in order to do better and push yourself further. 

Employers or further education

A really important reason why you should consider the first year as being important is that many institutions and employers want to see your final transcript. Your transcript will have your grades for each year and for every module, so it's important that you don't waste your first year of university. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your university experience. If you enjoy volunteering, then get involved. Find out what your Students Union offers and get involved. Lastly, what do you think of this post? Why do you think not wasting first year is important? 

Thanks for reading!
Until next time, take care, and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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