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How to wash your dirty makeup brushes

How to wash your dirty makeup brushes

You don’t need any fancy equipment to wash your makeup brushes and it’s really important to wash your makeup brushes on a daily basis. I know washing makeup brushes can feel like a very boring task that you will want to put off but DON’T delay it! 

Can we just take a moment to realise how much dirt, oil and bacteria gathers on your makeup brush bristles? Can you imagine how bad that can be on your skin, especially if you keep on using it in the same horrible condition without washing it? Cleaning your makeup brushes results in your brushes lasting a long time and also you won’t be putting all of that bacteria on your face again. 

What you will need: 

- Johnson’s Baby Shampoo or any anti-bacterial wash 

- Dirty makeup brushes (or new makeup brushes) 

- Towel 

- Tap (use lukewarm water) 


1. Get your lukewarm water ready 

2. Run your bristles under the lukewarm water. It is essential that you keep the bristles pointing downwards because holding it upright will make the water get in the handle and can even loosen the glue which is used to hold the bristles together.

3. Put some baby shampoo into the palm of your hand. The amount of baby shampoo depends on how dirty your brush is but I recommend using a small amount, and come back again if it isn’t enough. 

4. Next, swirl the makeup brush bristles into the baby shampoo and keep swirling until the baby shampoo is gone. (You can also use your fingertips as they have different textures so it will clean your brush bristles more). Remember to gently push and move around your brush bristles.

5. Then, rinse the brush head under lukewarm water again and keep swirling the brush bristles on your palm or fingertips. Keep swirling until you know you have cleaned the makeup brush. 

If you feel like the brush bristles are still dirty then repeat step 3-5 again. 

To test if your brush bristles are dirty = you can squeeze the excess water out of the bristles and if the water is dirty then repeat the process. 

Once you are happy and are sure that you have cleaned the brush then move onto the next step. 

6. Try to take as much water as you can, out of the brush bristles by tapping the brush on the tap or by swinging it back and forth into the sink. I don’t like to use a towel to dry the bristles as the brush can lose the shape so I let them dry on their own. Never ever use a hairdryer- it will ruin your brush. You have to wait for the brushes to dry overnight or for a few hours. 

7. Lay a towel on an edge somewhere and make sure that the towel is on a slant (downwards). A big tip is to layer the towel so it is high to short (back to front).

8. Lay the brushes on the towel and make sure the brush bristles are off the edge and slanting downwards on the towel. This helps to rinse any water out so it doesn’t touch the glue, allowing the brush to dry overnight. Leaving the brushes overnight without drying them on a towel will help them to go into their own shape in their own time. Make sure to put a towel on the ground so all of the excess water gets absorbed and your floor doesn't get wet. 

9. Leave overnight and you are done! 

10. Go grab yourself a treat now that the pain of washing brushes is over. 


- Always wash new makeup brushes. You don’t know where your new makeup brushes have been or in what environment they were packed in, so it’s always important to wash new makeup brushes. 

- NEVER hold the makeup brush upright because the water will go into the bristles and the glue will get wet and basically all the bristles will come out. In short, this is a way to ruin your makeup brush so just avoid it! 

- Make sure you have washed your makeup brushes PROPERLY. There is nothing worse than not cleaning your makeup brushes properly so make sure there are no bubbles left. Feel the bristles gently and the texture will tell if you have cleaned the brush properly or not. 

- Make sure you have the towel on a slant and leave the brushes on them overnight. Make sure the brush bristles are over the edge. 

- DO NOT dry the brush bristles with a towel after you have washed them as they could lose their own shape.

- DO NOT use a hairdryer because your brush bristles could end up becoming hard and unusable again. 

I would love to know if you wash your makeup brushes the same way as me or do you have another way to wash them? I would love to hear your tips and tricks! 

Thanks for reading!
Until next time, take care, and keep smiling.
Ramshaa Rose

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