My name is Ramsha but people on the internet call me Rose. I live in a city called Sunderland. 

I love helping others. 
Spreading more positivity in the world is my thing. 
Aspiring you to bring out your inner beauty. 
Living life to the full and doing the things I love the most is my moto. 
Taking risks, doing new things and always learning is my main focus.

If you would like to know anything else, please feel free to leave me a message or contact me.

"I have made this blog because many of us go through the same situation or don't know much about something so let's learn together and listen to each other. I truly believe behind every person lies their own story that made them the person who they are today. Everyone experiences different situations in life that changes them and makes them the person who they are now. You become better each day and everyone's story is unique, rare and BEAUTIFUL. I aim to spread more awareness over real-life situations, and my goal is to listen to your story.'' - Ramshaa Rose

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